Submit Family Weekend Events

Student Groups & WSU Departments

  1. Log-in to (use the person button at the top right). After logging in, select “Admin Dashboard” dashboard from that same menu.
  2. On the Left hand navigation select Create and in the pop up menu choose “Event.”
  3. Fill out the form answering questions as completely as possible and include the following fields:
    1. Select a Host. If you don’t have a more relevant option, choose “Family Weekend Committee” as the host.
    1. Tags: Must include Family Weekend. It is recommended to choose an audience tag and any other tags that make sense for your event.
  4. To complete the form, scroll to the top of the form and select “Submit.”
    1. Your event will then start a brief approval process.  Be on the lookout for an e-mail from, that will tell you whether your event has been approved or denied. If your event is denied, it will state why and provide you the opportunity to submit a new response.
  5. If you have edits to make to your event, you can just log in, choose “events” on the left hand navigation, and find your event in that list.
    1. From there you can choose the three dots on the far right to make edits and re-submit your event.


External Groups

If you are an external group or do not have a Coug Presence profile: 

  1. Visit and provide the appropriate contact information. 
    1. The Family Weekend approver, Dan Welter, will add the individual to Presence and to the Family Weekend Committee (i.e. access to event).
    2. Staff will be notified once this is complete and will send on the Content Creator Email (what you received above) to the appropriate individuals – allowing access to register event. 

*This outlined process should only take up to 24-48 hours to complete from start to finish, once someone submits contact information to the link above.