The CougParents Advisory Board leads the CougParents Program in supporting innovative programs and services that enhance the out-of-classroom learning, leadership, and life of WSU students.

The board is comprised of 10-12 current and former family members/supporters of WSU undergraduate students, recent WSU alumni, and current WSU students, across all WSU campuses and on a volunteer basis. Meet the current advisory board members.

Join the Advisory Board!

The Division of Student Affairs appreciates your interest in the CougParents Advisory Board. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2021-2023 term (a two-year commitment). We are currently seeking (two) CougParents board members to represent each of the following classes:

  • Family member/guardian/supporter of a first-year student
  • Family member/guardian/supporter of a sophomore student
  • Family member/guardian/supporter of a junior student
  • Recent Alumni Representative: must be a recent WSU graduate, class of 2015-2020

Please apply at this link by February 1, 2021.

Advisory Board Information

  • 2020-2021 Meeting Dates

    Fall 2020:  Friday, October 9
    Spring 2021: Friday, April 9
    Summer 2021 (TBD)

  • Advisory Board Purpose
    • Serve as ambassadors for WSU with a vested interest in supporting the success of WSU students
    • Serve a formal link and resource for all WSU families/supporters
    • Engage with other WSU families/supporters and back affinity-building initiatives on behalf of the Division of Student Affairs and WSU
    • Represent the parental/familial perspective and provide valuable feedback to enhance the university experience for both students and families
    • Review student grant proposals and select student award recipients for CougParents Program funding, annually
    • Assist in fundraising and alumni relations efforts in support of the CougParents Program
    • Share special WSU experiences with their student(s)
  • Board Member Benefits
    • Members will get to engage and connect with other WSU family members and serve as an advocate for the WSU student experience.
    • Members will provide support and assistance to WSU students and will be closely involved in their students’ WSU experience. 
    • Members will provide valuable insight and guidance on how to enhance the WSU student experience outside of the classroom.
    • Members will get to know top university administrators and learn more about WSU programs and services offered to WSU students and families.
  • Board Member Duties and Expectations

    Advisory board members are expected to become familiar with current campus activities, resources, and services to advocate for the university.

    Advisory board members are expected to attend advisory meetings three times a year, held in conjunction with fall and spring Family Weekend events and one additional meeting in the summer months.  Meeting dates are announced well in advance. Meetings are typically held on Friday morning, during Fall and Spring Family Weekends at WSU Pullman for those who are able to attend in person. Meetings are also available virtually to members who cannot attend in-person. The one meeting held in the summer will be hosted virtually for all to attend and may also feature other WSU campus locations. 

    Advisory board members are expected to serve as a regional representative within their community, promoting WSU and acting as a contact person for first-year families.

    Advisory board members are expected to provide feedback on CougParents Fund-related issues and general WSU parent engagement strategies.

    Advisory board members are expected to assist with the recruitment of prospective CougParents Advisory Board members.

    Advisory board members are asked to invest financially, at any level they are able, in support of the Parents Programs at WSU. There are no set expectations for amounts.

  • Advisory Board Length of Term

    Each board member must commit to a term of two years, unless the member’s student graduates or is no longer enrolled at WSU before the academic year/term ends. Members who wish to serve additional terms may do so by submitting a new CougParents Advisory Board Application form and will be reviewed based on participation criteria. 

    A member can voluntarily withdraw from the advisory board at any time by submitting a written resignation. Likewise, advisory board members can be dismissed at any time by not abiding by or fulfilling the following: 

  • Structure of the Advisory Board

    CougParents Program Coordinator

    Kari Sampson


    Annalee Falk
    Mike Seeley, 2015 – present (Chair)
    Mary-Jo Bradley
    Edgardo Quiroz-Moreno

    Emeritus Members

    Greg Adams, 1998-2001
    Warren Anderson, III, 1988
    David Andrew, 2000-2004 (Past President)
    Jane Andrew, 1998-2000
    Lesa Burton-Cornell, 2011
    Perri Bernard, 2008
    Laurel Caraher, 1998-2001
    Linda Chalich, 2000-2001 (Past President)
    Margaret Crane, 1988
    Catherine Evans, 2002
    Karen Fischer, 2009
    Carl Foster, 2008-2012
    Dan Foster, 2011
    Rich Gustafson, 1987-1991 (Past President & Vice President)
    Brigid Graham, 2000-2001
    Debra Gottschalk, 2013-2014
    Warren Harber, 2013-2015
    Robert Hayward, 1981
    Marian Hood, 1988-1992 (Past President & Vice President)
    Carole Jo Jones, 1981
    Loretta Kase, 1988
    Dave Lavender, 1989-1993 (Past President & Vice President)
    Jack Lewis, Sr., 1988
    June Lighty, 1981
    Darlene Lust, 1981-1984 (Past President)
    Jon Magnusson, 2008-2012
    Dale Massie, 1988-1989 (Past President)
    John Meersman, 2008-2012 (Past Chair)
    Betty McWilliams, 1988
    James Miller, 1992-1993 (Past Vice President)
    Mary Morgan, 1982-1986 (Past President & Vice President)
    Patricia Nelson, 2008-2012
    Edward O’Brien, 1981
    Dedra Osborn, 1994-1996 (Past President & Vice President)
    Clifford Phibbs, 1981
    James Phillips, Jr., 1994-1996 (Past Vice President)
    Karen Pratt, 1987-1990 (Past President & Vice President)
    Coleen Quisenberry, 2009-2013
    Ann Rolffs, 1988
    Carrie Sakaino, 2013-2019
    Michiel Salmon, 2011-2015
    Allen Shuler, 1983-1987 (Past President)
    John Sousley, 1991-1995 (Past President & Vice President)
    Sandy Thomas, 2011-2014
    Thomas Thompson, 2001 (Past President & Chair)
    Becky Weis, 2008-2012
    Peggy Wiggum, 2011-2014