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WSU Network Access

How does access to the WSU network help you?

Having access to the WSU network can be beneficial to parents and guardians of their Coug so you can the WSU student account and billing information. Without this, you will not have access unless your student opts to share their login and password with you which is discouraged for a variety of reasons. They can, however, grant authorization for you to view their student account.

3rd Party Access

Third Party Access is authorized and accessed through myWSU, the secure portal to services at WSU. It is used by students to allow a parent, guardian, spouse, or other third party to access their official WSU records to include financial account balances, financial aid, class schedules, grades, and so much more. The student decides what information you will get access to. For more information about this, click here.

WSU Friend Account

You will need a Friend Account if you want to access WSU network services to make electronic payments or conduct other online business but are not a WSU student or employee. You can create a Friend Account for yourself, or it can be created by a WSU employee or student. Once you have this account you can make electronic payments to WSU. For more information, click here.